Alexia knows what pain is.

She was sexually assaulted when she was eight, became anorexic at twelve, and has since then going from hospital to hospital. Her body is frail, but her mind is strong, and at 18, Alexia wrote her first novel La Faim Du Petit Poids, to fight to fight.

Determined to heal, and well on her way, she wants to share her strength and desire to fight with all those who need it.


She founded a social media support group aiming to help the emotionally and mentally ill, Le Cocon des Brindilles (Twigs’ Cocoon), and later created workshops to help marginalized people out of isolation, and encourage them to regain self-confidence, relearn how to love each other …

Oak and reed all at once, Alexia has an immeasurable strength of character, and a boldness that commands admiration. It is by helping others that she can help herself. Behind her piercing gaze, lie miles of beautiful resilience.

8 May 2019