Géraldine Aresteanu : Photograph
Patricia Louisor-Brosset : Responsible and redactor of this exhibition
Séverine Charrier : Artistic director
Juliette Brody : Associate producer

Patricia Louisor-Brosset

Patricia Louisor-Brosset is a fashion designer, a D.J., a life coach, a decorator and an activist….

If at first glance her path appears eclectic, Patricia Louisor-Brosset knows how to bring it all together, and joyfully navigates from one creative current to another – with boundless energy ! A stint in journalism with the Franco-American city magazine « Paris Passion » led to a job as Head of Advertising for fashion mogul Sonia Rykiel.
From there, her love of fabrics incited her to launch her own eponymous fashion line. What began as a small boutique in Paris’ picturesque Montmartre neighborhood expanded into an international busines, with her creations distributed across Europe, the United States and Japan.

In 2010 Patricia sold that business and launched a new venture, « Le Chant du Coq ». Showcasing the French « art de vivre », the company developed elegant box sets designed for luxury picnics, including hand-dyed linens, carefully-selected vintage crystal, porcelain and silverware.
Patricia didn’t stop there ! A highly sought-after DJ on both sides of the Atlantic, Patricia continues to set dance floors on fire from New York to Paris for fashion week and other high-end private events with her inimitable mix of soul, funk and electro. Her only concern : making people happy on the dance-floor !

Patricia is also a member of the speed-consulting collective known as the Slashers where she met Geraldine.
Her most recent endeavors include certification as a life coach helping guide clients through the often murky path leading to transformation, and the co-founding of feminist NGO « Salon des Dames » which left in 2017.
Patricia loves people, beings, humans, individuals, crowds, the world, everyone !

Géraldine Aresteanu

Géraldine Aresteanu fell in love with photography at age 13 and since then has never wavered in her desire to become a photographer.

Born in Romania during the revolution, photography appeared to Geraldine as a symbol of freedom.
At 15, she received her first camera as a gift from her parents, and studied mathematics in the hope of gaining entry to Louis Lumière, France’s prestigious school of cinema, photography and sound engineering…but was rejected.

Despite the setback, Geraldine refused to lose sight of her dream, seeking out experienced photographers from whom she could learn her craft. By 1990 she had established herself as an independent photographer, and in 1998, she moved to the French city of Orléans.
In 2001, Geraldine was awarded a grant from the Foundation de France and the Crédit Mutuel Foundation for her book of photography, « Portraits for a Word », dedicated to sign language.

Prestigious companies now regularly commission her work through Salez-Poivrez (Salt & Pepper), the communications agency she co-founded, specializing in fashion photography, portraiture and photo-reportage.
Always, at the heart of Geraldine’s work are people. Passionate about each encounter, she creates a closeness with her subjects to reveal that which we so often fail to see in others: the intensity of a regard, the vulnerability of a hand, the fragility beneath a smile. With extraordinary sensitvity and attentiveness, Geraldine’s eye mangages to capture the singularity and magic residing within those she photographs. She has a talent for drawing out the deepest aspects of their character. The power of her images often surpasses words in their ability to express emotion.

In her atypical project « 24 Hours », Geraldine lived with each of her subjects over a 24-hour period. Photographing their daily lives, she recounts a totally unexpected visual narrative of their hours spent together. To connect, to understand, to capture life as it is in that very instant – are her recurring themes. It is impossible not to be touched by the beauty of these images and the lives she captures with such benevolence and sensitivity.

Despite her busy schedule, Geraldine followed us with grace and energy in the Don’t Fuck with Me project at the Salon des Dames.
Here, she succeeds in transposing onto film all the power, determination, fragility and kindness of these 8 women. The emotion resonates for us all.