Nora is a most powerful creator: an author, director, producer, curator and teacher.

She is a self starting social entrepreneur, whose mission is to catch, and translate the authentic in the world. She is an avid reader, an avid doer, maker and shaker. She never stops.


After her daughter was born, she discovered a book on black dolls at the turn of the 20th century, and was moved beyond words. These were dolls created by unknown African-American women for the white children they cared for, or for their own children. They carry the whole history of the United States, and of its diasporas resulting from slavery.

Nora contacted the owner of these rag toys, Deborah Neff, shortly after finding out about the dolls, and was granted the rights to create a film and exhibition on the subject. As a result, Neff’s precious collection traveled from Detroit to Paris to be exhibited at the Maison Rouge, in 2018.

Nora just finished writing a book about the black American dolls. Blackness and womanhood are at the heart of her ongoing research.

16 May 2019