Marie-Claire is 70 years old.
A strong, determined, energetic, unafraid force of nature.
Her laughter is contagious, as is the unwavering spark of optimism in her eyes.

As a young French teacher in 1971, her dream was to visit Scandinavia; but with a limited budget at hand, she could only afford to go to Romania, on an organized tour.

As soon as she arrived to Bucharest, her eyes meet those of Adrian, the handsome tour guide, and it was love at first sight, the one that turns hearts upside down, that grows wings and blurs all borders.
After she’d come back to France, Marie-Claire decided to return to Romania, and see Adrian again.


They had only spent a few hours together, but it didn’t matter.
He was the one.
True love.
Marie Claire wrote him love letters everyday for 3 years.
Adrian could only rarely answer, as this was Ceausescu’s Romania.
Marie-Claire proposed to Adrian in 1974.
She left her family, and a free country behind to join her fiance in a dictatorship.
She left comfort for a rougher life. No water, no heating, not much to eat.
But there was a strong, beautiful and powerful love, which has lasted until today, 46 years.

16 May 2019