Manuela is a fiercely independent woman, she is a graphic designer, and lived on her own until 2 years ago in a bright and colorful apartment.
Since then, however, her place has become a small hub where she welcomes excluded minors. One night, one week, one year, sometimes more … A dozen of them in just a few months.

It all started for her with this uncomfortable and insidious feeling of helplessness before the distress so many young migrants without housing or support have to face.

Her involvement started giving out meals every Friday through the association Les Midis du MIE (Isolated Foreign Minors), then with collecting clothes, but that wasn’t enough.


Manuela wanted to do more, and wanted these children to have a nest, a place where they could land and root for a moment, sleep, talk, confide, meet … a stable lighthouse in their everyday chaos.

She decided to open her home to homeless young people from Chad, Sudan, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Cameroon, Algeria, and help them throughout the whole process of getting into school – a true victory for her.

Today, S. and M. are still living with her, sleeping on the sofa, but during the day, her home is a peace haven for young people to spend time, have a tea, a conversation and look into their to-be-built future.
Manuela is a well of openness, generosity and greatness of soul.

16 May 2019