Jennifer suffered the painful destiny of women victims of domestic violence.

She leaves home after the birth of her second child and despite numerous requests with social services, can’t benefit from social housing.

Jennifer then goes from shelter to shelter for five years. Her sons (John Marco, 9 and Hugh, 6) give her the strength to keep her head high, they are her lights, her beacons.


She knows what it’s like to go through life carrying the burden of hardships and injustice.

Finding a job when you don’t have a home is almost impossible but Jennifer keeps believing she can do it.

She doesn’t let the wind break her.

She stays strong, resisting the violence of her daily life, resisting misery.

She does everything she can to protect her nest and give her children the best education possible. Her goal is to get her children to school every day.

Jennifer and her children have recently moved into a room of their own, surrounded by boxes.

Despite the circumstances, she uses treasures of imagination to protect John Marco and Hugh from deprivation.

She gets up every morning and draws strength and determination in her children’s smiles. Their moments of happiness and their fulfillment are her fuel.

26 May 2019