The first thing you notice about Henrietta are her eyes.
Sparkling and ingenuous eyes, the eyes of a little girl.
This little girl was born in Kansas City, 94 years ago.

Henrietta is not faint hearted.
Very young, she travels to the most remote corners of Latin America. She wants to be a poet and ends up a journalist in Venezuela and Brazil.
She stays there for years.

The rural and agricultural world is hard, by interviewing farmers and laborers, Henrietta wants to give a voice to social outcasts, to those who work without recognition. Those experiences have an important impact on Henrietta but during a trip to Italy she realizes that her narrative medium of choice is painting.

From then on, she shares her vision of the world through a clever mix of words and color, denouncing exclusions, social injustice, racial inequalities and corrupt politics.


For her, painting is a space of complete freedom where she can share her activism and her vision of the world.
With the intensity of her paintings, she invites us to question the evils that are eating away at humanity.

But Henrietta doesn’t stop there!
She is also passionate about theatre and creates performances mixing visual arts and theatre.
Meeting Henrietta is like diving into an ocean of coolness.
Age is just a number and Henrietta is there to prove it…
In fact, she confided in us, with a mischievous smile: “I feel like I’m becoming a grown up!”

18 May 2019