There’s only one step from the South West of France to South America. Hélène took this step in 2013 when she decided to travel there alone, taking time to reflect and rediscover herself.
And some encounters can change a person’s life…

In Argentina, Hélène makes such an encounter in Ines, a farmer that hosts her in exchange for some farm work. Ines initiates Hélène to the ancestral art of bread making.
And that’s it…the seed is sown!

Back to France, Hélène gets her baking degree and gets in touch with traditional method bakers, who inspire her and pass on their secrets for starters, mixtures and kneading.

Hélène finds her calling. For her, bread is much more than fuel for the body, it also symbolizes sharing, spirituality, even something holy…

Today, Hélène pours her love into the 90 kg of traditional, artisanal bread that she bakes every week. She sells her production, among others, straight to a group of consumers and to a Community Supported Agriculture Association.

The line between artist and artisan is slim and Hélène also shares her passion through workshops and a musical story for all ages – The Bread Fairy – that mixes bread making recipes, music and touching the ingredients…reconnecting people with the sensual magic of the baking craft.

But that’s not all! Hélène’s project is a travelling and participative “caravan bakery” where people will be able to learn and help bake her precious loaves.

Through the art of bread, she is sharing her vision of society. Asking questions about how we produce, consume, and promoting a return to essentials.

An “artist artisan”, Hélène reinvents the craft of baking!

26 May 2019