Camille was born a girl in a boy’s body.
She moved from Vietnam to France at the age of 3, and left her home when she turned 17, to join the army for a few years, and then return to the civilian world. She kept climbing the proverbial ladder, and was offered prestigious
positions – one of which at the Institut Choiseul for International Politics and Geoeconomics.

Camille was always a boss lady, but her discomfort and inner-conflict didn’t go away until she made the decision to reveal to herself and to the world who she deeply felt she was inside. She had just turned 40 when she became the woman she’d always been, at last.


She realizes the road to come is a difficult, expensive, and solitary one. She knows how painful people’s judgment is, together with society’s gaze as a whole. And yet, she had the courage to begin her transition.

Camille works now at Social Builder, a social start-up that builds gender diversity and equality in the digital business and entrepreneurship.

8 May 2019